What started as an idea for sports, is rapidly taking over the everyday men’s underwear segment. Underwear For Men’s patent pending technology supports like no other men’s underwear on the market. Just like women need a bra to support their womanhood, men also need support for their manhood.


Underwear For Men does what briefs, boxer briefs, compressions shorts and jock straps fail to do. The patent pending drawstring pouch adjusts to isolate and support your manhood to completely prevent the skin on skin contact that causes chafing. Men wear Underwear For Men’s briefs and boxer briefs when they are running, cycling, working outside, standing for long hours on their feet, camping, hiking and so much more. Unlike other pouch underwear brands on the market, our pouch doesn’t come presized. It adjusts to your size. The soft, breathable fabrics wick sweat and keep you cool.


While manufacturing and selling the best men’s underwear on the market is our number one goal, Underwear For Men is also very committed to inspiring men to be better men. Our current advertising campaign, Manhood Moments, offers advice for men on life, health and happiness. The content is woven through our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube posts each week. If you would like to submit a Manhood Moment for discounts on product, click here.


Underwear For Men was founded in 2013. The CEO, John Polidan, is a retired automotive engineer with 30 years of experience in business operations, patents, lean manufacturing and packaging. To read our full startup story, click here.

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